Web Management

For those that manage their own domain names, here are a few tips to keep things running smooth, and reducing the risk of you having your website go down, or worse... lose your name:
  • Keep your contact info updated.
    Too many domains are registered, and then not updated when someone moves, or changes their email address. This makes it much harder to make any future changes, and risks losing the domain.
  • Set domains to Auto-Renew.
    This will allow you to lessen the risk of losing your domain names. You will get an email shortly before the domain is renewed, giving you the option of turning off the auto-renew if you no longer want it.
  • Keep billing info updated.
    The domain can't be Auto-Renewed if the website doesn't have your current payment info. The payment info is stored on a secure server, encrypted. No one can read the card info. The most seen is the last 4 digits, just like any receipt you get at a store.

To update your info on your domain name, login to your Domain Management account, where you registered your domain, like www.7SagesDomains.com

if your domain is registered elsewhere, the instructions will be similar.

Once logged in, go to your Account Info:


You want to edit "My Info":

Add all your info as noted: