Web Management

What do you charge for website development? Who does all the updates, etc?

This depends on what is needed. First, there is hosting. A site needs to be hosted on a web server.

There are many value hosts on the web, some as low as $5/mo. Some are good, and, well, some aren’t worth even $2/mo.

When using a value host, it should be expected that the site owner knows some technical stuff, like FTP, DNS settings, and some HTML coding. And you have to be sure the software you are going to use for your site (design/updating) is supported properly.

Hosting with Seven Sages is not cheap. But, we try to maintain a safe, secure, stable server, with responsive customer service. What good is a server if it's down, or your email isn't getting delivered?

Hosting with Seven Sages is $399/yr. With that, we'll take care of registering/renewing/maintaining the domain name (website address), giving you one less thing to worry about and maintain. [Annual billing is just for convenience. It’s not a contract, no one is locked in for a year. It’s just easier for me to send invoices once a year. If someone needs quarterly billing, or wants to automate monthly payments, something can be worked out.]

Once you have a place FOR the website, you need a site designed.

Design can be anything from a simple ‘Business Card page’, to a basic simple 5 page site, to a nice, professional looking business website.

Simple Business Card page examples:

These sites need no updating. The businesses use their web address mainly for email.

Design Costs: $0 - None
Client sends us a logo if they have one, and a simple paragraph of text they want on the site.  That's it. Done.

Small Basic 5 pages sites might look like these:

A little more than a simple contact page, these sites might have up to 5 pages that help describe their business better.

Graphics are limited usually to client-supplied logos and a few images. Some minor images can be created where necessary.

Site may be editable by client for them to add/edit content (slight learning curve)

Design Cost: $500 - $2000
Depending on number of pages, site navigation structure, extra features, and helpful to have most content pre-written for copy/pasting.

Professional, Quality Graphics design, Large sites:

Sites needing a more polished look, or requiring special features like Customer Logins, interactive features, or having a large menu structure.

Using quality graphic artists for a professional look with images/logos, and a focused web developer to optimize the site building and template design.

Special features might be Search Engine Optimization (to be found better in Google, etc), Forums, Mailing lists, Ecommerce shops.

Design Costs: $1,500 - $10,000+

Some sites can start small, with a nice design, and then the client can learn how to add pages making the site large and extensive over time. So, initial costs can be low at start up, and costs kept down by doing work themselves. Please keep in mind, not everyone can learn, or have the time to build their own site.