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I can't afford to pay for hosting, so I have been looking for a free host. I was using “zzz-free-host-zzz.net”, but all of a sudden they disappeared, along with my sites. Luckily I had copies of most of them. After that, I have found a few, but the support from the ones I have tried has been... well, for the most part, non existent.

Non-existent support? Well, that matches the non-existent cost, doesn’t it?

I don’t mean to offend anyone here, but what kind of support does one expect for free?

That is like parking your car in a free parking lot, offered by someone on their empty dirt lot. They give you a place to park your car, for free. You then notice that your car is getting damaged, either by birds sitting in the shade tree above, or maybe some idiots throwing rocks and bottles. Do you expect someone to guard the lot, or your car specifically? It’s an empty lot, that the owner has offered for free. Should they pay someone to take care of your car? Maybe get your oil changed for you also?

Is free hosting bad? No, of course not. It works for a lot of people. It is especially useful for those that know what they are doing (ftp, backups, cpanel setups, management), and for personal hobby websites. It should be expected and accepted that if it’s free, you are on your own. If that’s good for you, and your business, great. Go for it.

And when you are ready for the next level, look for a quality host that fits your needs.