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lnoa-logo-200.jpgDid you get one of those Domain Renewal Notices from some company you haven't heard of? Or maybe it's a Domain Name Search Engine Listing reminder?

These come periodically from places like Liberty Names of America (LNOA), Domains of USA, Domain Names of America, and other patriotic names that sould official.  And they tread a fine line between Legit and Scam. And luckily for consumers (at least in the US), the FTC has cracked down on them to make sure their 'notices' are less deceiving.

I'll break down a few of those notices I've received to show you some of their marketing tricks. You just have to remember one thing.... if you ever question one of these renewal notices, check with your Web person, IT department, or who ever is responsible for the website.  If that's you, always make sure you have records of what and where things are.


Crafting The Mailer

Here is one of the latest notices I received.

This is just one of the companies that I get these from, and it's not necessarily a scam, but it does seem to lean towards deception.

Luckily they seem to be a little less tricky, as you'll see by the older examples below.

I can just imagine what it was like at those marketing meetings, coming up with a new, official looking 'notice' that won't get them in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission. I'm sure there were plenty of lawyers sitting in on this.

Expiration Notice

It's just a Notice. So simple. We give a friendly notice that their domain name is expiration. And add a Due Date to make it seem urgent.

Domain Name Expiration Notice from LNOA

Lose All Your Rights

Fear. Yes, fear always works. It's like Identity Theft.
Claim they lose exclusive rights, and access to online presence.

Lose Exclusive Rights

What Competition?ignore competition

Send to everyone, everywhere. No need to maybe clean out some of the names of any competitors. Remind GoDaddy, AOL, NetworkSolutions, eNom, SevenSages. Remind them all that they need to renew with Liberty Names of America, because as Registrars, they don't know how to do it.

It's OK. We're Authorized.

Make sure they know the rules, and that it is the customer's right to choose any service provider for renewing. It's almost the law.  And we're authorized to offer you a transfer to LNOA. It's OK, you are allowed.

choose any service provider

Price Increase Coming Soon

If you fail to renew your domain, with us, before it expires you will pay a higher fee. It's a good thing we reminded you, so you can renew with us, right now.




Hopefully the customer is scared and confused enough to ignore these 6 words: This notice is not a bill.

The lawyers say the FTC is pretty specific about this, so we have to make sure it is clearly stated, in bold.  Oh, how great the old days were when we didn't have to be so direct.

Let's say we are making it easy for them, we are doing them a favor, allowing them the honor of renewing their domain name with Liberty Names of America.

Offer a special bargain for multiple years, since the more money up front, the better. This way, even if they leave us next year, we got paid for 5 years.

Future Marketing

Hopefully, their Domain Record is unlocked allowing for transfer, and the record is up to date with their contact info so they can approve the transfers. But even if the transfer gets cancelled for any number of things, we can still get their email address. And we all know what we can do with that, right?

grab email address

Simlilar Names, Similar Technique

The most recent 'notices' are getting closer to not being a scam.  But, they all prey on the clueless, the uninformed, the non-technical.  This is an old technique used for decades: send an invoice (oops, I mean notice that looks like an invoice) and there will always be some dope that sends money.

Here are few older notices that these wonderful companies were so kind to send:

{rokbox album=|renewal| title=|DomainUSA 2007 :: Seems so close to Liberty Names of America, doesn't it? How Patriotic.| thumb=|images/sneaky/domainusa-2007-bill-200.jpg|}images/sneaky/domainusa-2007-bill-600.jpg{/rokbox}  {rokbox album=|renewal| title=|LNOA 2007 :: The Patriotic Liberty Names of America, protecting our freedom. And our online presence. How nice.|thumb=|images/sneaky/lnoa-2007-bill-200.jpg|}images/sneaky/lnoa-2007-bill-600.jpg{/rokbox}