Web Management

Choosing a web host relies on many factors. The most important is the abilitity of the person who will be maintaining and updating the website. Too often, new 'webmasters' shop by price, looking for the cheapest web host for their website, but they then get stuck when trying to do anything. What is labeled 'Easy' is not really easy for most people. If you have never setup a mySpace or Facebook profile, and barely know how email works, then you might need something more than cheap hosting.

A well balanced choice between affordable and easy - SimplWebA nice balance between affordable is SimplWeb, which does most of the management for you, but makes it easy for you to create the content.

First, figure out what type of person you are in terms of Internet experience and computer abilities. Be honest with yourself.  Are you a Do-It-Yourself person, or maybe a "Not-So-Technical" but capable person?

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Web Developer/Designer

For the technical types who can find their way around a network, know the difference between DNS and DNR and understand the different parts of a web site (Domain Name, Web Host, Mail Servers, Server environment), then there are many places for cheap/affordable web hosting. A few of the more popular hosts are GoDaddy, 1&1, StartLogic, HostGator , and Blue Host.

Bluehost.com - $6.95 Web Hosting GoDaddy.com Hosting & Servers affiliate_link Banner

powered-by-planet-logo-smallA developer or designer with many websites might want to consider a dedicated server, which give you much more control over the whole environment (security, filters, scripts).  A good place for Dedicated Servers is The Planet.

Not a Techie/Developer, But Wants To Update

A majority of first time 'webmasters' a normally the 'Not-So-Technical' normal person that might find themselves overwhelmed with the so-called "Easy to Setup" services. Yes, they are easy, if you have certain experience and ability. But if you don't know a jpg from a gif, or a png from a tif, and shudder to think what FTP is and how to change DNS settings, then you might need to hand holding.

It is usually a very good idea to use a service that gets you up and running quickly without you having to learn several new skills like editing html and css files.  And without the need for purchasing any special software like Dreamweaver or other website creator software.

A couple of services that make it much easier for you are SimplWeb and EditMe.

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Full Management

There are a lot businesses that are serious about their web presence and demand a professional service. For them, they know it's best to have an expert dedicated to that task, but hiring someone fulltime to manage the website could be too expensive.

sevensages-professional-web-management-200x59Good business owners and managers know that certain people can do certain tasks, and you can not just have inexperienced workers take on different jobs. They wouldn't ask the accountant to create a new logo for the company. And they wouldn't ask their marketing department to handle billing.  So, when it comes to their Internet presence, they need full-service, professional Web Management.

A good Web Management service should be able to handle most of your business website needs, from developing/design to web hosting, server maintenance and security, and email management. Web Management is different from Network management, and from Graphic design and marketing. It takes skills from both network managment and graphic design, and mixes it with database administration, marketing, security, and communication. Website Management is a unique blend of different talents, which allows all the individual parts work together smoothly.