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Hosting optimized for JoomlaSimplWeb makes it even more affordable to host your Joomla website. They have now lowered their prices to $19.95/mo, with a first month free trial.

When it comes to hosting for Joomla, the average web host server is not usually optimized for Joomla. The low-cost  web host usually is a one-size-fits-all setup, where they go for the lowest common denominator of optimization. PHP5? mySQL 5?  Maybe not on those $5/mo hosts, because the thousands of websites they are hosting might break, since how many people keep their scripts up-to-date? (Unfortunately, too many don't upgrade and risk getting hacked.).

Then getting help for your Joomla questions can be difficult, if not impossible. Big hosting companies are not going to know your specific needs for Joomla. They usually just make sure you have access to your site and email.

What about security?

It's important to stay on top of security patches and joomla releases. It is too easy to neglect upgrading, and for some, upgrading can be difficult. That is why SimplWeb does the upgrading for you!  Have you upgraded to 1.5.7 yet? Are you still on 1.5.5?  There are some serious security issues that have been addressed since 1.5.5, and if you had your site with SimplWeb, you wouldn't need to worry about it. THEY took care of it for you!

Simplweb provides instant fully managed and supported Joomla 1.5 hosting with rich educational materials.

Simplweb was born out of seeing Joomla users struggle to set up their site, and then struggle to keep up with updates and security fixes. It provides world-class hosting, but then goes the extra step of being an educational and support resource for Joomla itself. For an affordable monthly subscription you get :

  1. Turnkey hosting on our state-of-the-art servers.
  2. Pre-configured content to get you live quickly.
  3. High quality templates to make your site look professional.
  4. Easy to use training materials on all aspects of your website.
  5. Lifetime upgrades when new features/extensions are added.
  6. Expert support and help forum.

Signing up is simple, go to Simplweb and you can have a Joomla powered website in seconds.

  • No Credit Card Needed
  • No Set up Fee
  • One Month Free Trial
  • $19.95/mo
  • No Cancellation fee
  • Use your own domain
  • Unlimited Pages

Sign up for a free trial and experience an evolution in Joomla hosting

Don't be embarassed if you still have difficulty setting things up. Some people are great at their business, but might get intimidated by even simple setups.  That's ok, really. You think us geeks can do what YOU do? Some geeks don't even know how to dress properly when leaving the home (if they ever leave).

sevensages-professional-web-managementIf you don't have the time to mess with setting up a website, even an 'easy-to-use' arrangement like above, you should contact Brian at Seven Sages - Website Management and Hosting.  Everything will be taken care of for you, from domain registration (your web address), email setup, design, and marketing advice.

Remember - you don't have to do it all! Deligate to experts and spend more time on your business.