Web Management

It's Easy To Create and Manage Your Website.
That's what 'they' say. Anyone can do it. Just login and manage everything, including:
  • Updating your DNS record (A, CNAME, MX, NS, SOA, TXT, PTR, SPF)
  • Maintaining your Domain Record info
  • NameServer settings
  • Renew your domain
  • Register new domains
  • Setup parking domains onto your main site
  • Setup your POP3 mailboxes
  • Setup your Forward emails
  • Setup your default mail delivery
  • Setup your SMTP on a secondary port where needed
  • Maintain spam filters
  • SFTP into public_html to edit your PHP files to connect properly to your mySQL database
  • Maintain the firewall to prevent hacking of your website
  • Install and properly set permissions of scripts, knowing the difference between 644, 755, and 777
  • Maintain updated scripts for your website (like forms and guestbooks and forums), plugging any security holes as they arise
  • Setup and maintain SSL Cert on assigned dedicated IP
  • Setup merchant accounts for online payments, using API
  • Workout structure of site, allowing for future expansion
  • Setup and maintain your keyword saturation and meta tags for indexing on the search engines
  • Submit to the search engines and look into a PPC campaign with Geo-Targeting
It's easy. Your cousin's neighbor's nephew does it after school and can probably help if needed. So, you're all set. Go.