Web Management

You must update the Domain Record of your web address with your correct contact info at all times. If you have a Domain Name (web address) registered with a Registrar like NetworkSolutions.com or Register.com, and you manage your own domain record, check your info right now.

It's very important to keep your domain record up-to-date, especially when transferring to other registrars and  moving your hosting to another provider. If you don't, you leave your domain at risk of not being renewed, or worse, someone altering the info and redirecting the website.


Don't risk your Internet Presence with poor record keeping.  The registrars use the info on record to know who owns the domain, and who has authorization to make changes.

Common issues:

  • Name registered by a friend. They used their contact info. Hope you are still friends.
  • Name registered by employee. Hope they still work for you, and are not vindictive.
  • Name registered using an old email address, like your AOL address from 5 years ago.
  • Name registered by the web designer, with their contact info, and not properly maintained by them.
  • Website transferred to different host, but you keep the old host as the technical contact which gives the old host access to your domain record.

If you are the one responsible for taking care of the Domain Name, and renewing it, make sure that you will get the renewal notice.  Many domains have been lost by mis-delivered renewal notices going to old, or wrong email addresses.

If you are hosting with Seven Sages, you don't need to worry about this, as we handle the management of the domain for you, including renewals, as part of your hosting. We try to have all of our domains registered at our Domain Registration website 7SagesDomains.com, an ETP Enom Partner.  This allows for daily reports of domain records needing attention.

Do you have questions or concerns about your Web Address?  Contact Seven Sages for answers about managing your domain name, web address, and website.