Web Management


Cheap Web Hosting? Yes. SmileThere are plenty of discount hosting companies. You probably see ads for them, or your techie friends might tell you about places to get hosting for as cheap as $3 a month!

Those companies work on volume, and though they may have good support, they still expect a certain level of skill and knowledge from the customer.

At Seven Sages, we started with the low rates at the time (1996). And, as time passed, we noticed that most of our clients weren't really sure about what they were doing. Even though, to computer geeks it was simple, 'normal' people would easily get confused over which login was which, how to renew domains names, where to renew.... a whole bunch of stuff that makes sense to a geek that does it everyday. But how does someone who is trying to run a business find the time to learn all of this and stay on top of it?

We found ourselves taking care of most of it:

  • Domain Name Management (register, renew, name server settings, maintain proper updated contact info)
  • Email Management (setup POP3 accounts, forwards, default account settings, reset passwords, assist in setup with Outlook or other mail program)
  • Website Design or Review (a lot of people believed the ads and hype about "anyone can build a website", and they try using one of the 'easy' programs, quickly learning that there is a lot more involved than "Click to Create")

As such, we moved our focus to the Support and Management of their websites.

The additional cost over the discount hosts is about what you'd spend on Thank You Dinners for all the times your techie friend helps you with the setup.

So, you can certainly use a discount host. (we have some plans at www.7SagesDomains.com for those who need absolutely NO support) But be sure to factor in the cost of getting assistance from your family and friends.

[note: the plans at 7SagesDomains.com are not managed by Seven Sages. They are simply available through our Domain Registry service. We do not use those hosting services and cannot offer support for anything other than the domain registration. We offer them for our technically advanced clients who could probably run a server themselves.]

Over time, we will point out more cheap web hosts for those looking to save money, and those that have the skills it takes (or the friends to do it for them). Hosts like 1and1 and StartLogic.